Finding Project Communities

As a beginner in the web3 space, it can be challenging to find the individual communities of the projects you are following. While there are several channels that projects and community members use to communicate updates, the most prominent ones are Twitter and Discord.

Twitter: This is a more public channel where projects and individuals brand themselves towards the general public. While individuals may choose to be very explicit, most projects will refrain from having discussions on Twitter. Twitter is often a place where projects and their project communities promote updates to recruit new users and to speak positively about themselves. However, it’s important to note that you will frequently encounter the so-called “haters” on Twitter.

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Discord: If you want to have a more direct access to the core communities and potentially even the project developers, you absolutely need to dive into Discord. While it used to be a platform predominantly reserved for gamers, the metaverse community embraced the platform right from the start. Discords are usually divided into various sections. You will almost always find a “General” section where you can get an overview of the general community style and sentiment. This is also a place for direct feedback and discussions.

Look out for the Discord and Twitter icons on the project websites or directly search on the respective platform for the project name.


(Addition: Many crypto communities also embraced the Telegram app for communications)