Decentraland Metaverse

Decentraland Inworld View 1

The Decentraland platform, a pioneer in the decentralized virtual world space, has captivated many former gamers with its idea of a decentralized metaverse. The concept of owning and trading virtual land has particularly piqued the interest of early adopters. Despite some frustration among the gaming community regarding the slow pace of world development, the crypto community continues to show support and speculate on the value of the in-world currency, MANA. Decentraland has remained focused on its unique vision, and its wearable fashion ecosystem has proven to be a standout success, distinct from any emerging avatar standards. The process of creating complex builds may be challenging for non-developers, but anyone with dedication and a willingness to read the documentation and join the DCL Discord community can start their own project. Decentraland serves as an excellent starting point for learning about the metaverse, web3, DAOs, avatars, and virtual land, and boasts a thriving community of non-developers who share their experiences on social media and organize in-world events. With the rapid expansion of its team, Decentraland is poised for continued growth in the coming years, especially if the building experience is improved.

Decentraland MANA

The MANA token serves as the primary currency for Decentraland and has established itself as a sought-after investment in the metaverse. It is widely available on major exchanges and is required for several key functions within the platform. To register a username in Decentraland, you must have MANA stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, to purchase NFT wearables, you will need MANA on the Polygon network. The token also grants holders voting rights within the platform. Despite the focus on the value of MANA by some members of the community, it is important to remember that for others, the motivation for involvement in Decentraland is driven by the technology behind the metaverse. Despite this, the MANA token has certainly drawn significant attention to the metaverse and played a crucial role in its growth and development.

Virtual Land

To build within Decentraland, one previously had to possess a parcel of land on the shared map. With the advent of Decentraland Worlds, this may potentially change as individuals who own a name NFT may be granted access to their own personal world to build as they please. Until then, acquiring land NFTs through trading on the Decentraland marketplace or platforms like OpenSea is still necessary. This concept of ownership through NFTs on the blockchain, is what first caught my attention when I researched Decentraland in 2020 and has since captured my fascination.

Decentraland Wearables / Fashion

Decentraland boasts a unique avatar system that sets it apart from other metaverse platforms, and it is likely to remain so, as the platform has heavily invested in a thriving community of wearable designers. Initially, wearable accessories and clothing items were awarded to quest participants or could be purchased using ETH or MANA on the Ethereum network. Later, the system evolved to allow for user-generated content to be published for a fee and migrated to the Polygon network in order to reduce transaction costs for users. This made it an attractive option for a wider audience interested in creating digital fashion for the Decentraland community. While some early collectors of Ethereum wearables were taken aback by the introduction of user-generated content, it could be argued that this shift has sparked a lively community of 3D modelers and brands exploring the metaverse through giveaways and collections.

Decentraland DAO

Decentraland played a pioneering role in the development of the DAO
(What is a DAO) ecosystem in the web3 world by demonstrating early processes for achieving consensus. However, the implementation of the DAO system has faced numerous challenges and has yet to fully embody its ideals. Debates continue to arise within the Decentraland community, as various interests and concerns collide, regarding fairness and representation. Today, the Decentraland DAO is commonly referred to as a functional system and serves as a case study for other projects seeking to improve upon it. Decentraland has recently created a dedicated communication channel and hired staff to facilitate the growth of the DAO.

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